restaurant review: simply vietnamese in tenafly, nj

Simply Vietnamese
1 Highwood Avenue, Tenafly, NJ

I love pho noodles. Every few weeks or so, I get an intense craving for them, especially if it’s cold or rainy out. The best place in North Jersey to get some vegan friendly pho is definitely Simply Vietnamese in Tenafly. They provide the best vegetarian pho broth I’ve found in the area.

photo 1For appetizers, I love to get the vegetarian summer rolls with their peanut sauce. It’s packed full of different vegetables and the peanut dipping sauce is the best. Sometimes I just want to drink the sauce by itself as fattening as that may be!

photo 4Close up of my vegetable and tofu pho. I love to pack on the sprouts and squeeze in plenty of lime. Add a little hot sauce to the tofu pieces before you eat them and it’s the best.

Pho in one big bowl is a full meal. It comes with vegetables, a protein (in this case, tofu), and plenty of rice noodles. A whole bowl comes to around 350-400 calories at most and trust me, you will be full afterwards. You can even drink all the broth.

On a cold day, it’s the best. On a warm day, it’s still amazing (just crank up the air conditioner a bit).

photo 5Every time I’ve gone to Simply Vietnamese, the staff has been amazing and courteous. There is always seating so we never feel obligated to have reservations. Also, when we order to go, it takes them about 10-15 minutes to get your order together (which we do more regularly with our favorite spots due to our new puppy).

If you love noodles, give pho a try! You will love it!


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