restaurant review: legal seafoods in paramus, nj

photo 1Legal Sea Foods
Garden State Plaza in Paramus, NJ

 This past weekend was my one year anniversary with my boyfriend. Our first date consisted of seeing “This Is the End” at the Garden State Plaza AMC theater then walking over to have some beers and light appetizers at Legal Sea Foods. We automatically bonded over making corny jokes about him giving me crabs (we had ordered crabcakes and this was before we both went vegan together).

For the anniversary, we decided to replicate the date but what do you do now that you’re vegan? Make substitutions! And thankfully, Legal Sea Foods had a vegan-friendly option.

Vegetarian Box (vegan friendly, contains nuts/peanuts) 19.95
sesame soy stir-fried vegetables, Thai red coconut curry sauce, cashews, tofu and brown rice.

photo 2

They packed the meal into a quart size Chinese take-out container. Next time now I know to pour it out into a bowl because the brown rice was on top, then a huge layer of vegetables, then on the very bottom was the tofu, which was blackened tofu. It was interesting and something I hadn’t tried before.

The tofu was black on the outside and on the inside, the normal cream color you’ve come to know and love. It was a very firm tofu. I was a huge fan of that part since it was different and new for me.

The dish was light and delicious. Huge fan. However, the price is a bit steep at $20. I may stick to this dish only when I have to go to LS or for our annual anniversary celebration. I’m just glad that they wrote on their menu clearly that it’s vegan-friendly, makes it a lot easier.

If one chain restaurant’s doing it, I’m hoping this will catch on soon to all the others!

We didn’t eat at the restaurant this time because of the puppy and because we wanted to watch “This is the End” while eating our dinner. However, the staff here has always been attentive, quick, and awesome. So, if you have to dine in, don’t hesitate to do so! Also, they have free valet parking for diners on Friday and Saturday (which trust me, you’ll need – that mall is insane).

Here’s to hopefully many more years!


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