restaurant review: miga in leonia, nj

344 Broad Avenue, Leonia, NJ

My coworkers love Korean food so we opted to try Miga one day for lunch. Parking is only street parking but it wasn’t too hard to find a spot. The restaurant was relatively empty so we were able to find a table easily. However, the restaurant had only Asians in it, which is always a good sign at an Asian restaurant.

IMG_1546My amazing coworkers showcasing the appetizers

Sadly, the spot only had a few vegan-friendly options (both are spicy soft tofu soup). The waitress kindly agreed to a vegetable based broth and no egg on top also.

When she brought out the numerous miniature plates of appetizers (featured above), she pointed out which ones I could eat. (Perk!)

IMG_1554Close up shot of my soft tofu soup (with mushrooms). So good and very, very hot when it came out (temperature wise) and just enough spicy level.

It can come with white rice or black rice.

IMG_1681At the end of the meal, they give you this, which is similar to Yakult, which I grew up with. (Yes, that’s Johnny Cash giving you the middle finger in the background). It’s so good but not vegan-friendly sadly. Sometimes though, you have to remember your childhood and have a gulp.

Hope you check out Miga, it’s super cute and even though there aren’t many options for a vegan, it’s nice to try genuine Korean food! With that, enjoy this silly picture …



2 thoughts on “restaurant review: miga in leonia, nj

    • Yup! It’s really popular over here with our huge Korean population!

      The drink is similar to Yakult:
      Yakult, is a probiotic dairy product made by fermenting a mixture of skimmed milk with a special strain of the bacterium Lactobacillus casei Shirota.

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