welcome our new family member!

family1Bergen County Protect & Rescue Foundation

For awhile, I’ve been wanting to adopt a puppy but due to certain factors, I always held off. Though, lately, I was pretty set on it. Then, I saw this little guy on Bergen County Protect & Rescue Foundation’s Facebook. My heart had melted. I showed his photo to my boyfriend and he saw I was completely enamored. After being in discussions with the rescue shelter, I scheduled a date to meet him.

I showed up with my application filled out and the boyfriend to make sure we were all ready and dedicated to provide this little guy the best life possible. The moment we each held him, our hearts were set. He licked my face and I was done for.

chihuahua01Thank you to Brian Moss for this amazing photo of him!

This little guy was bought from a breeder as a gift for someone. She decided she didn’t want him (lesson here: do not give any living creature as a gift) and brought him to the shelter. Poor guy was way too young to be taken away from his mother so early (another lesson: don’t buy … adopt. there are so many that need you to take them home – don’t go to a pet store).

I’m so thankful for his foster home (again, perk of adopting versus a pet shop), he’s eating properly and crate trained (jumped right in when we set it up to take his first nap).

chi2Sleeping on mommy’s lap

We still haven’t decided on a name. We’re hoping it’ll just come to us when the timing’s right. Some names we’ve gone through already include Tenoch, Frankie (Valli), (James) Franco, Neil Patrick (Harris), Ludwig, Habanero, Hermano (aka Herb), Rumpel(stiltskin from Once Upon a Time), Dobby, and many more. I’ve lost track at this point.

chi3First time the boyfriend held the puppy

Let me just say that every no-kill shelter (yes, there are some that will put the animals to sleep if they’re not adopted – it’s really sad) I’ve dealt with thus far have been amazing. The staff and volunteers are all so sweet, so caring, and you can tell just by talking to them. Even if you can’t donate or volunteer, don’t forget to send them some food or necessities. Every bit counts! Please click the above link and help out these amazing guys. They’re doing all they can to help these animals find proper homes and to take in more animals in need.

Wish us luck on this crazy adventure! And always remember: ADOPT!!! Don’t buy!


5 thoughts on “welcome our new family member!

  1. Sooooo cute! And good on you adopting, there are so many animals just waiting for that right person, that right couple or that right family to take them in and love them. Rescue animals just seem to love the heck out if their new owners, so you’ve got a good one there 🙂

    • I’m really glad that we were able to adopt. There are many shelters and rescues that I’ve heard make it nearly impossible (you’re jumping through hoops while they’re demanding you’re home 24/7 plus you have a fenced in yard). A few of my friends ran into this problem.

      I hope to give him the best home possible and hope he’s happy!

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