restaurant review: sapphire thai food express in teaneck, nj

Sapphire Thai Food Express
445 Cedar Lane, Teaneck, NJ 07666

I have actually become a regular here and the staff is extremely friendly (quick to refill the water, which you’ll need if you get the curry). It’s great because it is close to my office and they have an extensive lunch menu that includes fried rices, curries, and noodles.

photo 1Their lunch specials are about $10-$12 depending on what protein you get. They come with either a soup or a salad (salad pictured here) and a vegetable spring roll. The soups and salads are either vegetarian with tofu or I have seen my carnivore friends get the soup with chicken in it.

I really like the soup but the salad, is amazing. It’s mostly because I am obsessed with peanut sauce, which they put plenty on.

photo 2A close up of the salad

photo 3Vegetable spring roll

The spring roll is laced in duck sauce (not made with actual duck and is vegan-friendly). It still is crunchy, which is surprising with all the sauce on it but very good.

photo 4
My favorite lunch entree is to get the tofu & vegetables green curry. It’s got an amazing spicy kick that keeps you reaching for the water (trust me, I love spicy food and this hits you) and the bowl is actually very, very filling. I use the spoon and treat the curry like it’s a soup.

The rice is also cooked to perfection (not too hard or soft, just right).

photo 5Close up of the green curry.

Definitely try out their green curry here. It’s my #1 pick. I’d like to try their red curry one time but I’m so addicted to this one that I don’t know if I will stop.

Their pad thai is also really good and filled with vegetables. But still, doesn’t beat Penang in Lodi (I think they sprinkle theirs with crack to make it that good). So, I say stick with the green curry.

Next time, I’m going to try the red curry.

With that, happy eatings!


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