restaurant review: pancho’s burritos in new milford, nj

Pancho’s Burritos
214 Main Street, New Milford, NJ 07646

I will admit that I mostly go to Pancho’s Burritos because they’re one of the only Mexican joints I know that serves vegan-friendly cheese and sour cream. I know: amazing!!!

However, the few times I’ve gone, the food has been alright. A little on the bland side (requires a lot of hot sauce to kick it up a bit). I’ve tried their burritos including the vegetables of the day, vegetarian chili, and their spinach. Each time, I found it lacking in flavor and spice.

Recently, I got the vegetarian enchilada with vegan cheese & sour cream with black beans. It was just black beans with a tortilla then vegan cheese on top. The rice was alright. Again, I poured hot sauce and the vegan sour cream on every thing to give it some more punch.

Also, sadly, this joint is always loud for some odd reason. Once, I went for happy hour on a Friday, it looked like they had a DJ. It was so loud, my friend and I just stopped bothering to talk so we wouldn’t ruin our voices.

During my last trip, we were sat right next to a large group where one guy kept screaming as he talked (dude, your friends are right there, no need to blow everyone’s ear drums out). Yet, the rest of the restaurant was pretty empty. I’m not sure if they had a waiter covering that area and why we ended up sitting next to the Loudest Boy on Earth or what the other reason could be.

The staff, however, is really nice and attentive. I don’t know how they hear me sometimes when I’m screaming at them my order. Guess the practice helps!

If you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to cook, this is nice because of the vegan options (just get heavy handed with that hot sauce) but each time I’m reminded why I’d rather make my own Mexican food at home.


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