restaurant review: return to maywood pancake house

first Maywood Pancake House entry

Prior to our 1.5 hour drive up to Catskill Animal Sanctuary, we opted to stop by for a nice, hearty vegan breakfast. And boy, was I glad we did so!


This time I got the vegan waffle ($6.99) with bananas (99 cents additional) with a side of vegan sausage ($3.49).

I ended up giving my boyfriend half o my waffle, it was so filling. But it was so good. It was crunchy on the outside and still light and fluffy on the inside. The vegan sausage makes you forget why we even bother eating animal meat anymore, especially when it tastes this good!

When the manager asked me if I liked my meal, I told him how they were one of my favorite spots as it’s hard to find vegan-friendly options when it comes to breakfast.

Also, we had the same waitress as my last post, who is extremely friendly and quick.

They also have amazing vegan chili and nachos. Nom! Hm, maybe next time I’ll try their vegan pancakes next!


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