restaurant review: mirabella restaurant & bar in saugerties, ny

IMG_1294Mirabella Restaurant & Bar
117 Partition Street, Saugerties, NY 124777

After leaving Catskill Animal Sanctuary, my boyfriend and I decided to wander the town a bit and check out the cute vintage shops and bookstores.

After a few hours, we were hungry, hot, tired, sore, and starving. So, we decided to just hit up the first restaurant we saw. This place mostly had pizzas and Italian food, most covered in cheese and non-vegan-friendly choices.

I opted for the veggie wrap with no cheese. It was just like any other grilled veggie wrap (this is often my go-to at restaurants and I guess I’m getting bored of eating it). The sauce balsamic on it however was a bit overpowering, which was the only downfall. It leaked out from the bottom of the wrap. It became a bit too tangy for my tastes and was tart. After half of the wrap, I was full.

It came with a side of your choice and I chose the side salad. However, the salad came naturally with cheese so I just pushed that to my friend to finish. You’d think by saying no cheese on your wrap, hopefully they’d realize you don’t want it on your salad either. Oh wells!

The staff, however, was very friendly and polite. They greet you on your way in and out. We also got to sit outside, which seemed new and really nice.

I’d recommend it but beware as a vegan, your options are limited.


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