product review: dr. mcdougall’s vegan miso ramen

This was in my office’s desk for weeks before I finally tried it. I’m not usually a fan of most vegan ramens. Also, I had tried Dr. McDougall’s other products (i.e., pad thai) and wasn’t a fan. So, I was super skeptical when I tried this out.

I just added hot water to it and let it sit on my desk for a bit. Easy enough. Let’s just hope it tasted okay. After a few minutes, I pulled off the cover completely …

IMG_1228It actually turned out decent! It was pretty good for instant vegan noodles. The product also isn’t very high in calories. The broth was tasty, which is where most vegan ramen noodles seem to fall short on. Yet, the broth wasn’t over powering. The noodles tasted alright. Hey, not bad for a vegan cup of noodles!

If you’re in a time crunch and need a quick lunch, this is great to have in your desk if you cannot get away!


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