restaurant review: new world home cooking in saugerties, ny

IMG_12771411 Route 212, Saugerties, New York

While vacationing at Catskill Animal Sanctuary, Alex recommended New World Home Cooking since I love and adore spicy food. The restaurant is known for their Ric-ter scale where if you get it over a 7 or 8, you cannot send it back.

It is not a fully vegan restaurant but they have an amazing extensive vegan menu.

The restaurant is nice and casual. The staff is amazing. They are so friendly. We absolutely adored our waitress.

IMG_1280Before our food came, they gave us bread and a hummus. Both were delicious.

IMG_1281For an appetizer, we got the Jamaican Jerk Seitan Wings ($8) with a Ric-Ter scale of 7. It was delicious! I want more now. They were the right amount of spicy for the regular person (really want to try 10 spicy level next time). The seitan wings were just crunchy enough and made to perfection.

IMG_1285Our other appetizer were the “Cage” Pan Blackened Stringbeans ($7 as we got the personal size for 2 people), which was at a Ric-Ter scale of 6. I’m surprised because I found these spicier than the seitan wings. But they were just as good. These came highly recommended by other reviewers online and they were right, these are good.

IMG_1286For my meal, I got the Blue Corn Seitan Cutlets ($23, tomatillo salsa, black beans, brown rice, yams and greens) with a Ric-Ter scale of 3. Um, yes, please. This was a huge plate of heaven for me. I could only finish half by the time my meal came but it was so delicious. It was the ultimate plate of pure comfort food.

I highly recommend this and the seitan cutlets are heavenly! Even when I took the rest home and heated it up, still so good. The collard greens and yams were what you’d expect from Southern home cooking.

Sadly, the dessert menu is limited though the waitress was telling me that she keeps recommending it as it’s becoming more and more popular! So, who knows for next time! I’ll definitely be returning the next time I’m nearby!

IMG_1288Nom nom nom nom nom.
Ohh So Fattening!


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