product review: go! soup’s tomato & basil

photo 1Go! Soup

Whole Foods had a sale on these Go! Soups so I thought why not try one. I thought the other ones (i.e., mushroom cream) wasn’t vegan as it listed sour cream in the ingredients list. Yet, turns out, it is! All their soups are vegan and do not use animal milk.

So, instructions say heat it up for 1 minute. I did 30 seconds at a time (to ensure no overflow). It was just a little warm, not piping hot like I prefer. Maybe another 30 seconds could have helped but I didn’t want to make a mess in my office’s microwave (which I’ve done in the past). Of course, this depends on your microwave.

photo 2This is what the soup looks like when you take the lid off. You can’t tell from the picture but there are actual bits of basil in it and every thing.

The first taste? A bit strong actually with a smokey flavor. However … it was GOOD!

I’ve tried other vegan soups before and it was alright, not amazing. But this one was as good, if not better than what you get from the non-vegan soups (before going vegan, Progresso was my favorite). And only 130 calories for the whole container!

I had made a nice grilled “cheese” sandwich to go with the soup (whole wheat bread with some Daiya shredded cheddar cheese melted in between) and it was like being a kid again.

I am officially a fan and cannot wait to test out their other soups! Stay tuned!


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