product review: splat hair dye

Splat Hair Color

I bought Splat hair dye because I loved that they had these funky colors and also — cruelty free! Yay! So, I opted for Crimson Obsession ($11 about at my local drugstore) since I thought it wouldn’t be a drastic change. Boy, was I wrong!

This is what the color looks like on the box:

SplatCrimsonObsessionFirst, you had to remove all the color out of your hair. It recommended I do 50-60 minutes since I have such black hair.

photo 1Look! I’m blonde!

That was no problem and the chemicals didn’t feel harsh. The only issue was the smell. That could suffocate someone!

Next, was the color dye. This was the biggest pain in the behind. The color got everywhere even though I have colored my hair numerous times in the past on my own. Seriously, make sure you cover your whole bathroom prior. Also, it will stain every thing. It almost went right through the gloves they gave me.

When washing it out, it took over 5 washes of shampoo and conditioner and it still wouldn’t wash out. I’m 3 days in and my hair still comes out pink in the shower. The water will not run clear for a long time I bet.

photo 2Also, this was the final result. It is much much lighter than it says on the box and I have jet black Asian hair!

Many people say they like it but it’s such a drastic change that I’m not used to it. Also, wasn’t fond of going into work with such bright red hair but the boyfriend said I should just let my roots grow out then dye it back to black rather than dye it right then and there after having gone through so many chemicals in one day.

If you want funky bright hair color, Splat is it for you. Though, after my experience, I would forewarn someone that it may come out lighter/brighter than you expect.

Also, the hair dye will get everywhere so if you want your security deposit back on your apartment, I’d recommend just going to a professional (supposedly Aveda and Paul Mitchell are both cruelty-free).

But hey, you only live once and it was definitely a learning experience. Also, I think after having my boyfriend help me bleach and color my hair then scrub down my whole bathroom for me was quite the bonding experience!


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