vegan vacation: catskill animal sanctuary

CASJaniceJailbird316 Old Stage Road, Saugerties, NY

Finally, my weekend away to Catskill Animal Sanctuary came … and then went way too fast. I missed it even before I left on Sunday. It was the most amazing weekend.

Catskill Animal Sanctuary does every thing I wish I could do. They take in farm animals onto their 110+ acre farm (they’re expanding for next year and adding a cafe). They try to educate everyone on their tours about farm animals and why everyone should go vegan!

NY laws state to stay at their B&B, you have to have a membership so I opted for the Family Membership and got a night at The Paulie Room. Below is the picture of the Homestead and our room.


The house is over 100 years old and absolutely beautiful. There is exposed brick upstairs and downstairs as well as fireplaces. The shared bathroom upstairs also has a claw foot tub!

We first met Alex, who gave us the code to our room and informed us there were snacks in the kitchen. This included the most amazing chocolate chip vegan crumb-cakes (only vegan food and items were allowed into the Homestead).


As Homestead guests, you get VIP access to the farm. You just have to wear your VIP pass and you get to roam the farm as you please as long as the sun is out! We must have walked around for hours per day just saying hi to all the animals.

Also, you get to take unlimited tours! They start at 11 am and last tour is at 2:30 pm every half hour. They last about an hour to an hour and  a half. During these tours, you learn about factory farming and the sad tales of all the residents of the farm.

The chicken I’m holding in the first picture is named Jailbird. Him and his friend, Emmett were saved from a meth lab where they had chickens to help hide the smell. Obviously, they were neglected. But now they’re both safe and love being held. Jailbird was so calm in my arms that I held him for about 10-15 mins of the beginning of our tour until my arms finally gave out.

One of the pigs, Franklin was just thrown out to die because he was the “runt” of his litter at a factory farm. A neighbor heard the pig’s cry and rescued him. He’s now over 700 pounds and happy at Catskill Animal Sanctuary.

Many of the animals were 2-3 times their natural weights because they’re domesticated farm animals. It’s sad as many suffer from complications due to these genetics. They all are on strict diets because of this.

They had two baby goats as well as three mothers who were saved from a college’s vet program. After the soon-to-be vets see the birthing, they slaughter the baby goats then send them to a butcher to make into veal. How sad. When you met these goats, they were definitely the friendliest. They would follow you around on your tours and beg you for petting.

They had horses, donkeys and mules. Each with their unique stories. I highly recommend going to CAS. The people who work there are beyond amazing. The animals are sweet and friendly. Also, if you have your own farm, they’re all up for adoption!

Check out way more photos here!


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