restaurant review: bliss cafe in brooklyn, ny

191 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

After I got my tattoo at Gristle Ink, I decided to make a day of it in Brooklyn (especially since I scored free street parking and already paid the insane toll prices).

The perk of Brooklyn is there are a lot of vegan options available. I opted for Bliss as Wild Ginger was too similar to Veggie Heaven, which I have back home (aka Asian Vegan food). Though next time, I’ll definitely give Wild Ginger a try since I love exploring new places.

photo 1For an appetizer, we split the Chili Corn Pan (large portion of chili topped with vegan sour cream, pico de gallo and cornbread $7). It was good. They provided us hot sauce which it needed a bit of. The corn bread was pretty good, not as great as non-vegan cornbread that I used to make.

photo 4For my meal, I got the Seitan Steak sandwich (homemade seitan with caramelized onions, vegan mayo, and vegan or dairy cheese served on multigrain roll $8). I got it for an extra dollar with salad as my side. The dressing is their Bliss dressing with oil and lemon.

photo 3Let me say that this was absolutely out of this world good. It was like I was eating a hamburger all over again.

I threw some of my salad greens on it, which only made it better, giving the sandwich a freshness to it.

photo 2With options like this, you’ll never miss meat.

It was so good and filling. With only half a sandwich, I was completely full. I had to force the other half down my throat because I knew it wouldn’t keep well in my car on a warm day.

photo 4The waitress also was really nice and the prices as you can see were reasonable. I would love to go back as often as I can! I only wish I had more stomach room for dessert too!


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