becoming vegan: part 3

Step 1: Do Research

Step 2: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Step 3: Clean the Cupboards

Step 4: Grocery Shopping

Step 5: Vegan Options & Restaurants

Step 6: Don’t Beat Yourself Up! 

Fell off the wagon? You want to know a secret? We all do. I sometimes still give in. I returned to veganism late last year so there are times I definitely screw up. Shrug it off and let it go (yeah, I went there!).

let_it_go_gif_1_by_royal_tarts-d71dod1Image from here.

Most fellow vegans and vegetarians won’t shame you (most, not all and if they do, drop them – they’re not a friend). It’s actually the carnivores I’ve had the most problems with. I’ve gone to parties and they’ve teased me, “Did you know that there was butter in that? Haha!” (QUE?)

Let it go, shrug it off, and laugh. Or do what I do – stop hanging out with those douche bags.

Step 7: Once a week, try veganizing a favorite recipe!

I love doing this. When I veganized Mac & Cheese easily, I was in heaven and I was so proud of myself. Take your favorite recipes, see what you can replace certain ingredients or remove the animal ingredients and see if you like it even better!

Step 8: Vitamins

Some people say you don’t need vitamins. I think while you’re finding your footing, you should definitely consider it.

I recommend DEVA here. I use an Omega-3 vitamin and multi-vitamin daily at breakfast. These are also the only vitamins to not upset my stomach. It’s amazing.

Step 9: Consider MeetUp.Com to Meet People!

Don’t know many vegetarians or vegans? No adventurous friends that are down to try new vegetarian friendly restaurants with you?

Consider MeetUp.Com! I had good intentions to go to some meetings nearby but just haven’t yet. Hoping when my schedule slows down to do so! It’ll be a great support system and a source of knowledge!

Step 10: Don’t Stop 

You will hit bumps in the road possibly. But you know what, it’s a journey and a new lifestyle. Over time, you’ll amass a collection of recipes (I recently just bought three new vegan recipe books!).

Every time I’ve cheated, I have felt terrible morally and physically. My body actually reacts poorly sometimes. It’s your body asking you to eat better again. Listen to it.

And just remember … just keep swimming! (Yes, I was in a Disney mood!)

just-keep-swimmingImage from here.


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