gristle tattoo in brooklyn, ny: part ii



Gristle Tattoo
178 N. 8th Street, Brooklyn, NY

photo 1

On Saturday, I traveled out to Brooklyn to one of only two tattoo parlors in the area that promote that they use vegan products only and got my fourth tattoo!

The appointment process was easy. I knew exactly what I wanted. When I showed up, there were two artists there who were extremely nice. Brittany had done my tattoo (though in a few weeks she’s moving out of the country) but any artist you pick from Gristle is going to be amazing after what I’ve seen on their site. It’s why I chose this parlor.

Everyone was so nice and accommodating. I saw them deal with walk ins so politely also and definitely put me at ease. Brittany was a lot of fun to talk to while the process was happening and this was my least painful tattoo yet.

I still can’t stop looking at my tattoo on my wrist. It’s exactly like Hemingway’s autograph and it just makes me smile to see it every time.

Day after:

photo 2


I have a few more ideas of what I want done and I will definitely be returning to Gristle for all of them! I highly recommend taking the trek out to Brooklyn to get a tattoo from Gristle!


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