product review: deva multivitamins


Whether you’re vegan or not, there is research that you don’t get enough of the vitamins you really need daily. As a vegan, supposedly you’re missing out on even more (i.e., B12, iron, omega-3).

My favorite brand is Deva, which you can easily purchase from

Pictured above you will see that it is sort of a big pill. However, I’m such a fan of it versus even non-vegan friendly vitamins I’ve taken in the past. I never feel that upset stomach I used to feel with other vitamins. Also, the pill doesn’t leave a weird aftertaste in your mouth if it stays there for one second while you get water.

Omega-3 is not part of their Multivitamin but they sell a flaxseed oil one that I also just put in an order for.

You can find more information on their webpage and I highly recommend it. Research says sometimes vitamins are just a lie and don’t really help. In my opinion, it can’t hurt either. So why not just to be on the safe side?


3 thoughts on “product review: deva multivitamins

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  2. I take Deva’s vegan multi, also, but it’s a much smaller round pill (why I bought it along with it being Deva), and also purchased on You might want to give the smaller pill a try when you’re done with your current bottle.

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