becoming vegan: part 1


Most vegans hear from others how they want to go vegan but it just seems too “difficult.” I won’t lie. I find it difficult especially being a girl who loves to eat out with friends, who adores eating at friends’ homes, and being of Chinese origin (as a little girl, mom told me we ate anything with its back to the sun). I still make mistakes sometimes (thought I bought vegan cheese, it wasn’t vegan).

Also, this infographic has some great advice to commonly asked questions.

But here is what I learned during my transitioning to veganism and how to make it as easy as possible for you!

Step 1: Do Research

Talk to friends who are pescatarian, vegan and vegetarian. Tell them you’re interested in adopting their lifestyle and they’ll be glad to talk to you! Trust me, it makes me so happy when I hear someone is thinking about switching. Also, keep them on text message to ask questions whenever you have any. We’d rather help than have you fall off the wagon!

Read some blogs, possibly pick up a book on how a plant-based diet may help. Even add your questions here, I’d be glad to assist!

My favorite is Alicia Silverstone’s “The Kind Diet”:

I also really liked “The Lean” which provides a day to day step and program:

Watch the film “Vegucated”:

Step 2: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

I feel doing things cold turkey is tough. It also wears you down. Take it slowly.

First, cut out red meat slowly. Then cut out white meats (chicken, pork, etc.). Then seafood. Afterwards, begin to add in vegan days. This is why I’m a fan of “The Lean,” she provides you a way to incorporate better eating habits as well as a vegan diet into your life. If that doesn’t work, look at your eating habits, write it all down. Then create your schedule. Add cheat days at first so you don’t feel deprived and resent the lifestyle change. Make it work for you.

Then slowly as time passes, add more vegetarian days. Then slowly begin to add in vegan days. It takes time … but that’s the idea.

More tips to come!

Infographic from Click on the info graphic for a larger image.
Images of the books and movie are from 


4 thoughts on “becoming vegan: part 1

    • Every time I begin eating too unhealthy, I’ll start from Day 1 of The Lean and it really helps. Puts me right back on track and it’s a great checklist for those who may need some assistance on where to start!

      I recommend that and “The Kind Diet” a lot to friends who are interested in a plant based diet as neither talk down to you or just use emotions. They use facts and science to back up why a plant based diet is just better for someone.

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