restaurant review: teaneck sushi buffet

972 Teaneck Road, Teaneck, NJ

The first time I came here when it recently opened, it wasn’t the greatest experience. However, since then, the owner really turned things around.

Their sushi buffet ranges from $22 (weekdays) to about $24 (weekends). A bit pricey but for a vegan, there are so many vegetarian sushi options on it! I’m shocked.

The perk of their buffet is that it’s sit down the whole time. You just choose on a piece of paper what you want to eat. However, be careful, what you don’t finish, you will get charged (aka don’t waste food). I like this method so it’s not like everyone’s germs gets on your food!

My favorite is their lunch special of 3 favorite rolls for $12 or 2 favorite rolls for $9, which I just had earlier this week.

IMG_0797It comes with miso soup and a little salad with the ginger dressing.

The miso soup is filled with tofu and seaweed, which I love.

IMG_0798For my rolls, I got avocado, avocado & mango and the cucumber roll.

All fresh and all really delicious. It was definitely filling enough for a lunch.

I also love that they have online ordering. The other day, I ordered from them and the driver apologized for traffic when he was a minute early actually!

I love this place now and I definitely am a regular.


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