restaurant review: mausam indian cuisine in montclair, nj

379 Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair, NJ

The first thing I noticed on their menu is that “v = vegan”! I love menus that clearly denote what’s vegan friendly versus just vegetarian friendly. This made ordering so easy for me.

IMG_0744I got the Jungle Jalfrazi (mélange of roasted vegetables sautéed with indian spices) pictured above and extra spicy. It was really good and definitely got a great spicy kick to it. I love that it was just an overload of fresh vegetables.

IMG_0741My boyfriend got the Dal Tadka (yellow lentils sautéed with ginger, garlic, onions, tomatoes & red chili) pictured above. He usually scarfs down his meal but it took him a while to feast on this.

All meals come with unlimited basmati rice, similar to many other Indian restaurants. Don’t be afraid to ask for more!

The great thing about Mausam was that it catered to my boyfriend and my vegan needs while his family was able to get meat and seafood dishes to their liking. I especially love not having to ask a million questions while ordering.

The wait staff though was amazing. When we walked in, my boyfriend’s parents were sitting with one of the waitresses chatting and I thought they were long time friends. They were all really nice and super friendly. After our meal, they even gave us two desserts on the house!

I will definitely come back and I’m so glad to find a new restaurant with vegan options noted on their menus. It really makes it a lot easier.


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