gristle tattoo in brooklyn, ny

178 N. 8th Street, Brooklyn, NY

Since transitioning to veganism, I’ve realized that a lot of what we use aren’t vegan friendly including tattoo ink and aftercare products. I began researching online for my fourth tattoo.

I opted to tattoo Ernest Hemingway’s autograph on my inner right wrist.

HemingwayI do find it slightly odd that I’m getting Hemingway’s tattoo in vegan ink as he was a big game hunter in Africa, fisherman, loved bullfighting and so forth.

On the other hand, he had numerous 6 toed cats (a.k.a. Polydactyl cats) in his home in Key West. I have one named Santiago after the man in “The Old Man & the Sea”.

At the end of the day, I’ll always love Hemingway’s writing style and his stories (though the bullfighting descriptions will still make me wince slightly). I have loved his work for 18 years of my life and even wrote a 100 page paper on Hemingway for a high school English class.

(isn’t he gorgeous?)

My tattoo artist will be Brittany Bauza. I had sent them an email regarding my tattoo and within 30 minutes, they replied with availabilities and cost estimates. And within the next 15 minutes, I was set.

I’ll most likely Twitter (@ImJaniceLai) the whole experience and pictures will be available soon after! Keep your fingers crossed for me!


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