restaurant review: penang in lodi, nj

334 N. Main Street in Lodi, NJ

I have loved Penang for over a decade now. I even wrote about their East Hanover location in my college entrance essays (titled, “How I Love Thee, Malaysian Food!”) and got into every college I applied to. I’m beginning to realize that they felt bad for me and imagined a chubby girl with no friends. Whoops!

One of the greatest things about Thai and Malaysian food is that they have plenty of vegan-friendly options. If it’s not already vegan friendly, Penang is more than happy to help you make it vegan friendly!

One of my favorite dishes is their Pad Thai $10.95, which they’ll make without the egg and substitute the chicken & shrimp with tofu instead! (I didn’t have it this night I took pictures.)

photo 1Tofu Satay $6.95
Fried tofu with cucumbers and a peanut sauce.

This is my favorite appetizer at Penang. I always order it when I get there. If it’s not this, I’ll often get the steamed vegetable dumplings $7.95.

photo 2
photo 4Vegetable Green Curry $12.95

Another one of my favorites. It’s mixed vegetable with Thai eggplant, bell peppers, bamboo shoots, basil and lime leaves in a spicy coconut curry broth.

Warning you all now: it’s very spicy but really worth it. I’m constantly sniffling and drinking the curry as if it were soup.

photo 5Kari Sayur $12.95

They give you a soup ladel – that’s how big it is! Kari Sayur is mixed vegetable and fried tofu served in a clay pot with spicy curry broth. It’s spicy but not too spicy. And it’s so comforting on a cold day. Having this is like having a warm blanket put around you.

Penang did recently change their policy on rice however and these dishes no longer come with rice. (Sad face.) Rice is now additional at $.95 for Jasmine, $1 for Coconut or $1.25 for Brown Rice. If you’re feeling a little naughty, I always recommend the coconut. It gives it a slight sweet flavor.

If you are thinking of dessert (I had no more space after all the food I had), I recommend their Thai Sticky Rice with Mango $7.95. It’s vegan friendly and it’s huge so share with others at your table!

Here is a picture of your ohh so fattening blogger
downing her Lycheetini (which is delicious by the way):

photo 3


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