Restaurant Review: Maoz Vegetarian


On Friday, I had to go to New York City for a work seminar and even though lunch was provided, being vegan can be troublesome because you never know if they used butter in the preparation or added cheese to that garden salad. I thought it best to just check out one of the many vegetarian options in the City. It was also my excuse to try some place new!

Maoz Vegetarian is a fast food chain in the City and I saw it right on the corner of 43rd and 8th. Or was that 44th? I later saw it as I was driving up 10th Avenue! I was so happy to see so many stores for this chain!

I chose the falafel in a whole wheat pita with babaganoush. For my drink, I had an Arnold Palmer (iced tea mixed with lemonade). Both pictured above.

They also have a little salad bar that you can add toppings to it. I just added a bit of tomato with cucumber.

photo 1Close up of my pita.

It was my first time there and the store was just opening. The staff was extremely friendly and polite even though I was a frazzled mess after driving in the pouring rain in the midst of the heart of Midtown and also having just walked in the rain.

They helped me with all my questions. Within seconds, I was sitting down at one of their long benches enjoying my pita. It was absolutely delicious. The falafels were so good.

Half way through my pita, I felt so full but I refused to stop because I didn’t want to ruin the pita by shoving it into my overloaded laptop bag.

I will definitely be returning and I have already told a few of my friends who go into NYC about it and I’m hoping they’ll bring me back some more falafels from this location. I can still taste it in my mouth it was so good!

Locations include Texas, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Spain, Netherlands, France and Brazil


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