Restaurant Review: Maywood Pancake House in NJ

photo 1Maywood Pancake House
92 West Pleasant Avenue, Maywood, NJ

Maywood is my childhood town. It’s an extremely small town in the heart of Bergen County next to the much larger Paramus, land of malls. Who would have thought that my little town would have vegan breakfasts?

photo 2I started my breakfast off with an almond milk latte (they also have soy milk if preferred), which was perfect. The cup is much bigger than it looks:

photo 3I had a milk mustache during most of my meal. My friend and I ordered two meals to split right in half with one another.

photo 4Vegan Popeye Tofu Scrambler  $10.99
Spinach, Garlic, “Sausage”, Mushrooms and Avocado with home fries, multi-grain toast (with vegan butter).

I like to add hot sauce to the tofu scrambler. They even have 3 types of hot sauce available. This is highly recommended and it is delicious. The sausage creepily tastes like real sausage.

photo 5French Toast Americain $9.95 for Veganized
French toast stuffed with sweetened cream cheese & topped with fresh strawberries

I was worried this may be too sweet. But no, it was perfection. Just the perfect blend of sweet and savory. I highly recommend this dish.

The restaurant also has vegan chili, vegan nachos, vegan pancakes, vegan waffles, vegan smoothies, etc. The list goes on. I am so glad I have this right in my neighborhood. It’s great that I can finally enjoy brunch and not worry everything is covered in butter or eggs.

If you’re ever in Bergen County, stop by here. It’s one of the most vegan friendly restaurants available in the area!


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