Product Review: Kiss My Face Moisturizer

KMF Moisturizer

Kiss My Face Olive & Aloe Fragrance Free Moisturizer

I have extremely sensitive skin that is super dry that I often look like a lizard. I also easily get hives from even a speck of dust. On top of all this, I have dermatographia (skin writing). If you even lightly scratch me, my skin will flare up for about 30 minutes before it finally goes away. But for those 30 minutes, I’m itchy and uncomfortable.

For a while, I had my favorite face lotion but after going vegan, I wanted to find a cruelty free one. Thankfully, this was a super easy find for me. It was at my local Whole Foods.

I love that it was for sensitive skin and is fragrance free. I use it all over my face and body when I hop out of the shower and it is amazing. My skin doesn’t react to it nor does it break out in hives.

If you have sensitive skin like me, try it out. It’s a great product and you will be taking a stand against animal cruelty also by supporting a company that doesn’t test on animals.

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