All Humane Animal Rescue, Inc. Needs Your Help

All Humane Animal Rescue, Inc.

Michael Kors, RIP

The end of last year, I lost one of my two guinea pigs, Michael Kors (Burberry is my other guinea pig who is thankfully still very healthy). I had adopted him and Burberry from All Humane Animal Rescue many years back. This is where I met Lysa, who does a lot for the animal community in the Northern New Jersey area. She’s also on the forefront against pitbull dog fighting and this is a no-kill only.

At this time, her shelter is in need of pet supplies. I have donated some off her Amazon wishlist at this time. The company I work for is also planning to make a donation.

The rescue’s in desperate need of dry dog and cat food.  If you could even buy one bag of food, that would be extremely helpful.

I try not to ask my readers for donations because I blog out of the joy of blogging. However, this isn’t for me, this is to help out innocent animals who were no longer loved by their owners. Some were just left outside to fend for themselves and the rescue was kind enough to take them in. Please do what you can if possible.

Thank you!

Please click here to help donate!


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