Product Review: High Street Soap

High Street

I’m back and ready to rave about this new company I was introduced to! Most of their products are vegan (some do use milk, honey, etc). You can either check the ingredients list or contact the owners.

High_Street_Call_OutI have really sensitive skin. It breaks out in hives easily from any dust. I also have dermatographia (also known as skin writing which causes my skin to flare up for 30 minutes at a time). All these products have been amazing for my skin. I love their soaps, which are all homemade.

Recently I got the Lovely Lavendar body butter which is so thick that just a little will go a long way. I love using it on my knees, elbows and cuticles.

I definitely recommend checking out their products.

All images in this post taken from High Street Soap’s webpage.


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