Recipe: Vegan Salad Summer Rolls

I love summer rolls. They’re refreshing and healthy. Most restaurants make these summer rolls with shrimp and they charge about $6 for two pieces. That’s quite steep when you realize how cheap the ingredients are.

Rice paper wrappers  (less than $2 in the “Asian” aisle of your supermarket, it took me less than 2 seconds to find them).

Fillings I like: Cucumber, Cilantro, Carrots, Lettuce (Butter or Romaine are my favorites to use), Avocado

The cherry on top: Bangkok Peanut Sauce (less than $3 a bottle). This sauce is absolutely delicious. Also, it’s funny to say.

1. Soak the rice paper wrapper in water for way less than the 15-20 seconds they say. I recommend just wetting both sides. The best is to use two wrappers per roll. Let it sit for a while as you chop up all your vegetables.

2. Chop your carrots, avocado, cucumber, etc. into thin matchsticks. (For the pros, that’s called julienne.)

3. I like to put the peanut sauce onto the wrapper then pile on the vegetables onto it right in the middle.

4. Roll your summer roll like so:
photo 1
photo 2
photo 3
photo 45. ENJOY!

photo 5
My lunch today:
“Cream” of Mushroom Soup from Healthful Pursuit (recipe found here)
with two veggie-filled Summer Rolls!


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