Restaurant Review: Kratiem Thai Cuisine in Englewood, NJ

Englewood has an amazing strip in town that is filled with restaurants and little shops. Only downfall is trying to find parking sometimes. For lunch one day, my friend recommended Kratiem Thai Cuisine and since he was driving, I was up for it.

IMG_9220Kratiem Thai Salad $3.95
bean sprouts, red onion, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, bean cake, potato chips and Thai peanut dressing

I am in love with Thai Peanut Dressing and bean sprouts so I had to try this salad. It was delicious. I wasn’t huge on the potato chips but the dish was definitely solid. I now want peanut dressing on all my salads!

IMG_9222Pad Kee Mow with Tofu and Vegetables $9.95
saute flat rice noodles with chili. Thai basil, onion and scallions

It was my first time trying pad kee mow as I tend to have pad thai or curry (usually green) when I go out for Thai so I thought it was time to try something new. This was really good and really strong flavors. I’m definitely a fan now.

My friend had the Massaman Curry with Tofu and Vegetables. The curry was so good and creamy. I kept trying to steal bites from him.

The restaurant on a Saturday around 2 pm was pretty empty surprisingly so no wait for us. We were one of two tables. The waiter was friendly and pleasant. Service was fast also, which is appreciated.

I will definitely be a repeat customer.


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