Restaurant Review: BCD Tofu House in Fort Lee, NJ

Last Friday, I went to an amazing, high-energy 90-minute Zumba master class with some friends taught by Vivian, Nina and Jose (J-Rod). If you are in the North Jersey area, definitely check out their classes at Glenpointe Spa & Fitness in Teaneck or Club Metro in Fort Lee.

I was drenched in sweat and famished after the class. So, Sergio and I decided to hit up BCD Tofu House next door.

I had the Soon Tofu which is their tofu soup. I got it with the “hot level” Mushrooms and she stated that they can make it with water rather than the usual cow marrow stock.

IMG_9219Note how the picture is foggy because that’s how hot it came to the table.

Definitely warmed the whole body up from the bitter cold. It comes with rice and I was stuffed when I finished the soup and rice.

The service is always friendly and polite. The wait staff doesn’t always speak amazing English so the language barrier may be the only problem. Thankfully, that night we had a waitress who knew exactly what everything was in the dishes and to make it vegan-friendly for me.

The prices aren’t outrageous either as I think for dinner, this was $13 while their lunch specials for the same size is only like $10. Sometimes there is a long wait. The whole restaurant lobby is filled with Asians attempting to get some warm tofu into their system. So, if Koreans love this place, you know its good.

Nothing beats the winter cold like Korean Spicy Tofu Soup!

Inform them to not provide the egg and fried fish appetizer to keep it vegan friendly!

IMG_9210[1]L-R: Instructors Vivian & Nina, Your Blogger Janice, Friends Connie & Sergio
Front: Instructor Jose aka J-Rod


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