Blog Spotlight: Alicia Silverstone’s The Kind Life

The Kind Life

Her book, “The Kind Diet” kickstarted my vegan diet and lifestyle years ago. Recently, since returning to Veganism, I have re-read her book and it’s an amazing eye opener to the dangers of meat, fish and processed foods.

She is seriously my Vegan guru. Her blog is great because it covers everything, not just food. This blog is my go to if I cannot seem to find a certain product, i.e., cruelty-free lip balm without beeswax in it (which FYI, can be hard to do – I sat in a Whole Foods for an hour going through every lip balm they had).

Definitely check out her book and her webpage if you haven’t already. It’s a great source of information! Also, keep checking out my site for more Vegan blogs to follow. This is one of many that I love!

What are some of your favorite Vegan blogs?


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