Recipe: Lazy One-Person Vegan Pizza

When I say I’m into quick, lazy, low ingredient meals, I meant it. Here is one that I make sometimes if I’m craving pizza (which is rare but hey, it happens sometimes).

Piece of Whole Wheat Bread (or more if you want to make more than one)
Marinara Sauce (I will use pasta sauce of my choice)
Vegan Mozzarella Shredded Cheese (i.e., Daiya, Go Veggie, etc.)

  1. Take the whole wheat bread, toast it lightly in the toaster.
  2. Put it on a piece of foil with some marinara sauce then some “cheese” on top (as much of each to your liking, this is YOUR pizza)
  3. Add any additional toppings you’d want (i.e., eggplant, basil, tomatoes, onions, peppers, mushrooms, more tomatoes, etc.)
  4. Put into the oven until the “cheese” melts
  5. Enjoy! (be careful if it’s too hot … Speaking of hot, here’s Ian Somerhalder eating a pizza …)

2 thoughts on “Recipe: Lazy One-Person Vegan Pizza

    • Yeah, it’s hard to find certain products elsewhere.

      My issue is how much you get in a bag and having to eat it within 7-10 days. I always end up freezing a lot of it because of that!

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