Restaurant Review: Sweet Avenue Bakeshop

Sweet Avenue Bakeshop
153 Park Avenue, Rutherford, New Jersey

I have been wanting to try one of their cupcakes since I’ve gone vegan! I even have it on my calendar for my birthday next month to drive out and pick up a cupcake. That’s all I wanted this year. I almost broke down and went to get a Breaking Bad cupcake or even one of their awesome Walking Dead premiere cupcakes (I love that show).

Well, my only vegan coworker quit our company and her team bought her some cupcakes. I got a phone call to go to her office because she had a treat for me. I walk over and guess what she was holding:

photoThis beautiful specimen of a cupcake!!! And with Sophia, one of the saddest deaths of Walking Dead especially since everyone was holding out hope they’d find her. I think I squealed a bit too loudly in the office when I saw that it was a Walking Dead Sweet Avenue Bakeshop cupcake in front of me.

I rushed to my desk to begin polishing it off and let me just say, this cupcake did NOT disappoint. I was so worried everyone had hyped it up for me but oh my goodness, that was the FASTEST I ever ate a cupcake in my LIFE. I even licked the crumbs off the tissue after I was done.

It was perfectly moist and chocolately. The frosting was light (and plentiful). I prefer light frosting rather than some bakeries that use these overly sugary frosting that just hurt your teeth.

Here is what it looked like when I ate this cupcake:

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4It’s all gone?

These may not be the most flattering images of me but whatever. It was DELICIOUS.
And I DEFINITELY intend to go back for my birthday and for whenever I need baked goods for special occasions or parties. Best cupcake I have ever had in my life!

Thank you to the Non-Dairy Queen, Kim for this amazing experience! You will be missed at the company!


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