Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival 2014

This was my third year attending the Atlantic City Food & Wine Festival and thank you to Seven Star Club and Yelp!, I was able to get in for free for the first time into the Grand Market!

This year was smaller than last year, which had more food and drinks. Oddly, there were some booths that made me scratch my head why it even was there such as an insole massage booth for your feet?! and something about insurance. Obviously, I ignored those as I began stuffing my face.

photo 1Dan from Hell’s Kitchen Season 11, Barbie from Hell’s Kitchen Season 10 and your foodie blogger, Janice!
If you look carefully, you will see that Barbie’s daughter did an epic photobomb behind Dan.

They were there representing Olio Olive Oil.
They made a delicious gazpacho to highlight the olive oil, which was refreshing and just what you’d want on a hot summer day. I ended up buying the sample pack you see in front of us in the picture and they were nice enough to autograph it for me.

The funny thing was as I was picking up tickets on Friday, I walked past Dan and went to my mom (who also loves the show), “HE’S BEEN ON TV!” Then on Saturday morning, we were walking past and I saw Barbie, where I proceeded to go, “IT’S BARBIE!!! SHE WAS SO AWESOME LAST YEAR!!!!” (that was a definitely more interesting season). So, I was really excited to meet them afterwards after I geeked out a bit. They were both insanely friendly.

Barbie told me that a lot of people were confusing her for Ja’Nel and congratulating her, which was funny because to me, Barbie was so memorable, I can’t imagine confusing her with Ja’Nel.

Dan was talking about how he was the contestant who went to Asia then screwed up Asian food. Let me just say, Asian food can be tough. I still screw up white rice sometimes with a rice cooker. Also, Dan isn’t wrong about Mary’s voice being annoying (like nails on a chalkboard though she seems very nice).

photo 2I love these guys, they pour you plenty of alcohol throughout the festival!

photo 4This wine dispensing machine only costs $20,000. Anyone want to give me some?

photo 3This beautiful lady was representing Skyy Vodka. I was never a huge fan but their mixes were awesome. They also had this American Honey tea mix that I couldn’t get enough of. It was a tastier Long Island Iced Tea I may purchase them more often.

The costumes were super cute and all the girls at this booth rocked it. They were also really sweet, which caused everyone (especially all the guys) to flock to this station. Great marketing, Skyy!

photo 5The Naked Grape Wines!
This booth was genius. They had coasters, wine bottle stoppers, games, confession board, and also these two amazingly sweet ladies. I had so much fun talking to them and am always a big fan of friendly people. Sometimes people at these booths forget what they’re here for and I understand they get tired. However, these girls were so polite and nice. They were all smiles the whole time they were standing there.

The best food I had at the festival includes Fin Restaurant’s Lobster Bisque. They were the major highlight of the show. They kept it coming and people were non-stop eating it.

Some of the food lines were too long for me to wait on sadly and I think it was mostly because there were only about 7-8 booths that actually had food. Most were alcohol and/or sauces.

Cannot wait for next year!


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