Product Review: Vegemite from Kraft Foods

I love watching almost any food show out there including Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerman. So, when he was in Australia, he tried this spread called Vegemite and the reactions he was getting made me want to try it so badly.

Being Asian, I have eaten some weird crap. So, why not?

My coworker from Australia was kind enough to bring some into the office on Free Bagel Friday and some of the other girls even agreed to trying it.

A dark brown Australian food paste made from yeast extract. You spread it on bread.

Posing with the Vegemite, from Kraft!
Who knew that Kraft owned Vegemite?!

I put some on my cinnamon raisin bagel and I have one word … No.

I think everyone should try it once, I mean you might like it but I can’t even describe what it tasted like other than using the words strong and overpowering. It seriously felt like something was violating my mouth and I didn’t like it. (That sounds dirty.) I almost spit it out but I thought, “Well, I’ll never do this again, just swallow it.” (Again, that sounded dirty.) It felt like an assault to my taste buds. (Okay, I’m stopping now.)

Well, at least I can tick vegemite off my list of things I’ve tried. Yeah, I doubt I’ll do that again.

Coworker trying the Vegemite, not a fan.
Another coworker trying vegemite, also not a fan.

I apologize, no one was able to stop laughing to take a picture of my reaction. Let’s just say, my face looked like I wanted to spit something out while staring at my Aussie friend with an expression of, “Why would you let me do this to myself?!”

Three out of three people tried it and none of us approved. Sorry, Australia.

Any other fun dishes I should try? Don’t say balut because I doubt that will ever happen.


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